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I haven't had the pleasure of getting an original artwork done by you but I must say that you have an awe-inspiring mind. Each piece has such a wonderful story and connects to the spirit in a way that's so rare. I found myself staring at quite a few of your drawings just taking it all in. You're simply amazing.
[email protected] 

Hi Ricardo! Wow, your artwork blew me away, so strong, vibrant and inspiring! You are very talented. I also love the variety of themes you treat. Many "art" schools proclaim that it is important to develop a certain signature "style", but I think that is just for the uninspired. I love that you do not let yourself be captured in a one-way style. True inspiration indeed! You say what you mean and you mean what you say... great unity of spirit and its expression. If you ever travel my way, you will have a place to stay! I plan on coming to La Jamaique and check on you... about those projects... lol! I will! All the best for now, Namaste, Mona

 Thank you. Awesome website. Mine is Hoping to get it up soon. Glad to connect with you. We are on the same journey!!
Deneane De Kort

I love this website, so much insight and its calming. Thank you. Great art!

                                                                                                      Sasha, Hamilton House
Hi Fada, I spoke with you earlier today; you helped me . The woman touching the hem of Jesus garment. I just looked at your artwork: Amazing! You are a very talented young man, and you are kinda cute as well. Pay me no mind; I'm 67. Still, I am not blbind. What I found very interesting was one of your drawing reminds me of one of mine. It is also called Let Me Out! How cool is that. I have not put that one on the website yet. It is a large gift box with a big bow, surrounded by smaller gift boxs. There is a smaller box inside the larger box with the words "Let Me Out!" Implying that God is beautifully wrapped rarely used gift. I drew that image after God told me how many of us keep Him wrapped up nice and pretty until Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or on special occassions; when we want to most impress people. But throughout the rest of the week and year we do and say pretty much whatever we want to. I truly hope to make it to Jamica on day and when I do I hope you are free to show me around. Have a Blessed Day Fada. It was such a pleasure meeting you.

                                                                                                                 Toni ME Taylor

we spoke tonight  I love your site! Definitely find a Reiki Master this will step U up to the next level of love! All the best,
                                                                                                                 Joanne Freedman

thanks for your help today  send me your name and address ill send you a john lennon print if you like or hit me up on facebook under wynne parkin...positive vibrations..... "

Wynne Parkin


I'm interested in getting a portrait done. Is that a service that you offer?

Donnette Foreshaw


Cool art brother. Mad talent.